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22-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
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18-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
Found this pup roaming around a.c. I cant keep it so if someone can foster great or if u would like to take in and give it a home call 806threesix7onefour89
18-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
I have 5 girl 34 blue healer 14 border collie need to go to a good eating hard food they are around 10 weeks will be very smart dogs
18-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
2 male, 1 female8 weeks1 Siamese age unknown1 Tabby male1 yr1 tabby female4 yrall HAVE to go
18-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
Nuff said...
18-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
Ella is a 2 yr old female boxer. Shes sweet, goofy and current on shots. She needs a yard with a high fence as she is a jumper. I hate having to keep her tied up because my fence is so short.
18-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
free basket ball pole and hoop, just come and get it, first come first serve, no text or phone call, please
18-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
Honey Bee Removal and RelocationDuring the months leading up to summer, you may notice a swarm of beesBUZZING around a new area.PLEASE DONT KILL THEMThey are just looking for a new home, and I have one to give them. During the spring months they get over crowded and the Queen will move part of the hive to a new and more spacious location.Feel free to contact me via phone, text, or email for the...
18-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
Anyone need a record player. It does work, probably needs a bit of restoration or it could be modified for a different purpose.I do not have the top for it. Its free, let me know if you are interested. I need it removed today as we close on the sale of our house tomorrow.
18-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
We are trying to remove a rock yard. Please feel free to take as much as youd like. Youll need a shovel and something to haul them off in.
18-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
I Have a 7mth. Old lab mix. To give away I Ann in boice city Oklahoma for at least 3 more weeks he is the brown dog
16-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
I have a 2 yr old Gold Shepard named Zuse. Hes a great and loyal dog. Issue is he has become aggressive when being put into his crate. I have kids and am worried. Needs a new home asap.
16-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
Hello have these 3 items to give away if interesred. There bit dirty but I bet they will clean up ok. Far as I know they all work. Text me at if interested thanks. South lawn area.
16-Sep-2017 Amarillo, TX Free Stuff
Giving away my cat. Theres nothing wrong with her, but Im never home to give her the attention that she needs. I found her on the side of the road in my neighborhood about 5 months ago and she couldnt have been more than a few weeks old. Shes brown and gold and the sweetest kitten in the world. She loves playing and cuddling and wont tear up your house when youre at work, she just sleeps. Not a...
The Lifeline program is available to eligible consumers in selected states and territories. Actual requirements vary by state, but in general to qualify for Lifeline, subscribers must either have an income that is at or below 135% of the federal Poverty Guidelines, or participate in one of the following assistance programs: Medicaid Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Food Stamps S...
Queen Box Spring, like new. Yours for free, come and get it.
6 ft concrete curb stops Free call or
I cut down my medium sized peach tree. I kept trunk and a few larger branches but there is still a lot left in the alley. Branches range from larger than my thumb to sticks. Please take it all
Old wooden fence for projects. No suitable for privacy fencing.
Got these cats because I moved out of my parents house and Im not allowed to have dogs with my lease. These cats are so cute, and love cuddling with me and each other, and love playing with things that make noises, but I am definitely a dog person. The silverblack one is Hallie, she is about 5 months old, but didnt come with an exact birth date. She is the most playful of the two. The goldenbro...
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